Sunday, August 17, 2008

On the problem of people parking across driveways...

Got an issue with people parking in front of your driveway?

An old friend and flatmate (when we lived in Manly, which is one big parking issue in itself...) had a solution:

Y'see, when he complained to the police about it (thinking, as you do, that parking across people's driveways is illegal), he found that, actually, in the State of NSW, it isn't. People can block your driveway as much as they like.

Rude though it is...

Just gently let their tyres down for them. No need to use a knife. Just make it inconvenient for them to get the tyres pumped up again. Do it as frequently as you need to.

They'll stop.

And the police won't complain. They think the law in this case is dumb too.

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