Tuesday, September 2, 2008

What not to buy - solving the Part 1 problem

A few weeks ago, I complained bitterly that the tenants of the property next door were leaving their bins out the front of our house for a week at a time, knocking them down, spilling stuff everywhere and generally making a nuisance of themselves.

Now, we think we're found a solution to the problem: the first stage has so far begun (slowly) to have an effect.

We keep putting their bins in the middle of the driveway, so they're having to move them and they're starting to get the message.

Going to the next level takes a bit more effort and a bit of money too, but if your council is okay with the idea, they may thank you for beautifying the street while you're at it...

What am I talking about? We have an automated garbage truck that picks up bins on a huge arm, so they need to be left on the edge of the kerb every week. If you're not averse to a bit of extra garden space, and the council isn't either, plant a garden on your nature strip by the kerb where the bins go!

This is now on our "to-do" list for the future (because we're really darned busy doing other things to our property at the moment!), but basically, a good sized tree to grow up and shade the street will add to the ambience and property values in the area (up to 30%, in fact, over the long-term!). Add some beds and plants around it (leave enough space for, say your one or two weekly bins to sit), and you're not only beautifying the street - you're stopping the tenants next door making the front of your property look like a garbage dump week-in, week-out.

Remember that, just like the grass you already have there, it's actually your responsibility to maintain the garden beds out the front of your property, so be prepared for the extra work that that entails (or ensure it's a really easy-care bed!).

But there you go: Problem solved, value added!

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