Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Something screwy at the Land Titles office?

Turns out there might be, in the case of our place.

Not satisfied with repeated deliveries of our mail to the block of 18 villas next door, and having every Tom, Dick, Harry, Auto-electrician and Foxtel installer (not to mention the cops and the odd debt collector as well), show up at our front door, hubby has taken the chance to complain to our local councillor when she showed up at our place to ask if there was anything she could do to help.

Well, she's managed to fix the signage problem on Block A, but it probably won't stop the neighbours giving their addresses without either the A suffix, or the unit number. Hey ho...

But checking the council maps on their computers shows another potential problem anyway: Our block is listed as A, and theirs as the number alone. Not the case on the title deeds, but confusing enough to make a case either for the renumbering of our street, or at least to make sure that the numbering mis-match doesn't occur at the Land Titles Office as well!

Will keep you posted, as it could be interesting if it turns out we bought a block of 18 villas instead of a beaten-up old house thanks to a mis-numbering on the deeds or the records!

Can anyone enlighten me on what the ramifications might be?

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